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I’ve Moved!

Published Sunday, August 24, 2014 by Chasing Neptune

Hello, everyone!

As the title of this post states, I have moved to a new blog. It is Kate M. Colby, and it will be the “home base” for my social media platform as I begin crafting my brand as a writer and author.

If you have come here from The Broke Ass Bride, I appreciate it! Click on over to the new site for a more in-depth look at “Real Bride Kate” — or feel free to browse around here for a look at my university writing and musings.

If you are one of the many people who followed this blog, I invite you to make the transition to my new one with me. I promise it will be much more frequently updated (and much more interesting – if that’s possible!). Seriously, though, I would appreciate you taking a look.

For all of you who randomly landed here and prefer other social media outlets, you can find me here:









All right. That’s all I have for you all. Thanks for the ride, and see you soon!

Week Eleven: Twitter (Results)

Published Monday, June 18, 2012 by Chasing Neptune

I still don’t get it.

Okay, let me qualify that better. I get why people use Twitter to follow musicians, artists, companies, etc. It’s nice to always know what’s going on with your favorite people and things, and the chance to interact with these entities is heightened by this type of social media.

However, I still do not understand why “regular” people post on Twitter all of the time. Unless you’re using it to network or interact with individuals that are unobtainable in your everyday life, why post everything you do on the internet? If your heart is so broken and scarred, why not go write a poem or a song or call into Love Line at night? If your new shoes are sooooo cuuuutee XDDD, why not send your best friend a picture? I guarantee that not many people beyond her care about them.

And again, I’ll admit to my own flaws. I like to blog. I gain satisfaction from other people reading and critiquing my writing. But I don’t need to do it obsessively. I don’t measure my self-worth in readers (or I’d surely be suicidal). I do this for me, and I try to make it worth others’ time when they do read it.

Long story short, I believe that when people use social media, it should be for a purpose. I also believe that when people send their brainwaves out into the internet, they should intend to enrich themselves and/or others.

The fact that “Yu trusted ur closest friend &d den shee betr8d u #2FaceBeotch” does not matter to the world. To your school counselor, maybe, but not to Twitter. Twitter doesn’t need to know, I promise.

If I ever do get a permanent account, it will be to stay updated on my favorite bands and to network.

For now, account deactivated.

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