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Adolescent Rival

Published Saturday, July 7, 2012 by Chasing Neptune

This is a letter poem, written for class last fall. As the title suggests, it is about an adolescent rival. Picture any pre-teen “frenemy” combo, and you’ve pretty much got us. We had our differences, but this person made a huge impact on my life. Seven years ago (give or take a few weeks), she introduced me to my favorite band, My Chemical Romance, which is still one of the most inspiring entities in my life. And for that, I will always be grateful to her.

For three years, we inspected each other
under the fluorescent lights of the middle-school
hallway. You laughed at my bushy eyebrows
and mustard yellow highlights. I gawked
at your beak, snaggletooth, and
five-finger forehead.
We were two sharks in a small
tank — circling each other like the predators
we had taught ourselves to be.
I didn’t always hate you.
Once, we spent the summer by the lake,
cherry popsicles dripping down
our chins. I watched your stained
lips, as you mouthed the words to our
July song. And to this day,
I remember every syllable.

A Poem about Loss and Friendship

Published Wednesday, June 27, 2012 by Chasing Neptune

We’d been stranded at sea for fifteen days
when I watched my little brother die
from the inside out.

As I pushed him overboard, the little people
in their little boats didn’t notice.
His body never made a ripple – I never

I wanted to jump in after him.

I gripped the side of the boat,
trembled and vomited
four times.

A dove landed on my shoulder,
whispered, I know what he meant
to you.

A vulture landed in the boat,
snapped, Give me your hand
to eat or get out of my boat.

Dove cooed, Fly away.

Vulture crowed, I’m hungry.


Day One* – A Toast

Published Tuesday, November 29, 2011 by Chasing Neptune

It takes 30 days to break a habit – and hopefully only 30 days to make a habit. Following this logic, I’ve got 29 to go until this challenge becomes a nice steamy slice of unconscious pie. While Day One was not a thrill-seeking, epiphany-filled, life-changing day, I did move towards my purpose in two small ways.

First, I kept a promise to myself. For some horrid reason, I have become the cliché, sophomore-slump(ed) college student. I have absolutely no motivation whatsoever. I mean, it’s not like I was ever particularly enthralled with school work. However, lately I have been putting everything off until the last possible minute, rather than sitting down and powering through it so I can go watch How I Met Your Mother re-runs and get muffins at the Kwik.

But today, in sticking with my 365 day challenge, I kept an academic promise to myself. I have completed one of my end-of-the-semester portfolios, four days before the due date. What’s more, after I slam out this post, I will be returning to my Java Break study coma: browsing through my Sociology textbook and whipping up a literary analysis proposal. Boom.

Second, I have furthered a more general goal of mine. For too long, I put up with negative friends and fake friends of all sorts. You know the type: the ones who always have to take your experiences and twist them into some depressing personal anecdote…or don’t actually give a shit about you at all. Since coming to college, I have taken great pains to weed through these people (ie: the great Facebook cleansing of 2010) and find the gems. Today, I plucked another diamond from the sand.

I am proud to call this diamond my sister. She is one of the few people with whom I feel comfortable being my true self: sarcasm and all. Whenever I spend time with her, she teaches me something new or inspires me in some way. She is the perfect blend of NYC glamour and laid-back Kansas charm. I look forward to furthering our friendship and getting to know her better.

For the select  few of you who read this, I apologize for it not being more snappy and entertaining. Even though I would love to drop out of college and spend 365 days gallivanting around the U.S. and having fantastic adventures, my bank account and sense of duty would never allow it. Therefore, like in most situations in life, we must be content with the small victories – of which I had two.

If I hadn’t already devoured my hot chocolate, I would give a toast: to promises kept and friendships made.

*Even though WordPress will date this as November 29th (as it is after midnight), count it as November 28th.

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