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Killjoy Jacket Design Contest – HerFamousLastWords

Published Sunday, October 30, 2011 by Chasing Neptune

Front of Jacket

Back of Jacket

Shooting at some Dracs

The story behind the clothes:

My roommate and I created our jackets for a My Chem concert in West Des Moines, Iowa on April 11, 2011. Mine is lightweight and white – cool and breezy for those hot days chasing down dracs in the desert (or being crammed against the rail or my fellow killjoys, you know how it is). The front displays my combat information: Zone 37 (my family’s racing number), home base location (Lawrence, KS), MCRmy, an American widow pin, and my badge. The back displays my killjoy name (Rave Revenge) and the Dead Pegasus emblem, a nod to Party Poison. The wording on the jacket is handpainted and so is its cut. It is a little dingy – after all, the Iowa show put it through hell – sweat, dirt, and blue Sharpie stains from writing on my arm and neck – but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

My mask and tank top (Kiss Me You Animal) were also hand painted and designed to accompany the jacket and complete the look.

These photographs were taken in my roommate’s family’s grocery store after hours. We had a blast climbing on the registers, posing on the fork lift, and raiding the store. I must also add that the store is haunted – the ghost opened the automatic doors while we were shooting, and (I promise) caused my poor raygun to take a nasty fall and snap in two. Luckily, the booth had a secret super glue stash, and Fun Ghoul survives, with a few lovely battle scars and a new story to tell. 🙂

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