How Daisy Loves

Published Friday, July 6, 2012 by Chasing Neptune

This was a draft that I wrote for my Creative Nonfiction class, which was passed over for We Ride at Dawn. Even though I did not choose it as my piece for the theme (time of day), this short still holds a special place in my heart. Enjoy!

Even if every clock in my house stopped ticking, I would still know when the five o’clock hour rolled around. At this time, I am normally lounging in my dad’s spot on the couch, munching on a handful of Cheezits to placate my stomach until dinner. Usually, Daisy curls up next to me with her head in my lap, watching the small, square crackers and waiting for me to drop one. However, the moment the clock reads 5pm, Daisy leaps off of the couch and trots over to the staircase.

She places her haunches on the second step and her front paws on the first. As she gazes out the window towards the gravel driveway, her back straightens and her ears perk up into high alert. She sits quietly, waiting for a grey Silverado or a blue Equinox to emerge from behind the row of evergreens. When Daisy finally spies one of these vehicles, she leaps to the floor. From my place on the couch, I can hear her toenails scrambling against the hardwood floor in the dining room, as she rushes to meet one of our parents when they come in the door.

When my parents and I first brought Daisy home, I didn’t love her. She was a replacement for another dog, who had passed away just two months before. I felt that to love Daisy would be to betray and forget my Annie, who was like a little sister to me. However, watching Daisy day after day, as she patiently and loyally waits on the stairs for my parents to return from work, and knowing that she still sits in the same spot on the staircase, waiting for me to come home from a week at school, makes me love her, too.

Every day at 5pm, Daisy reminds me that loyalty and love do not weaken when given to more souls, but rather, when shared, become deeper and more meaningful.


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