If I Am the Ocean

Published Tuesday, July 3, 2012 by Chasing Neptune
If I am the ocean, with caverns
deep and unexplored, with waves
only a ripple of my world’s shifts, with creatures
who have never seen
you are the sky,
hovering above me: always looming,
ever lurking – sometimes forgotten,
but never gone.
I am your victim.
Sunny, you suck up my waters,
and I dry the throats
of millions. Rainy,
you fill me up, and I wash away
sheets of rock. Windy,
you churn my belly, and I drown
Japanese fishermen.
You hold my sun, dragging it
over my waves, trickling
golden glitter across their tips.
You hold my moon, gliding it
across my surface, painting
me black.
If I am the ocean,
seemingly bottomless,
you are the sky,
infinitely boundless.
If I am the ocean,
cerulean blue,
you are the sky,
powder blue – a pale,
shallow reflection
of my own colors,
                     my own soul.
Without me, no child
would ask of you, no sunset
would change you, no one
would see you.
Without me, you wouldn’t

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