The Problem with Society

Published Saturday, June 30, 2012 by Chasing Neptune

They built their home up,

one speck at a time – wax, salt,


She built herself up,

one word at a time – witty, creative,


They worked every day: diggers tunneling,

scavengers hunting, the queen


She worked every day: reading Jane Austen,

painting mason jars, framing ocean


He crushed them in one motion,

foot flattening the hill, big toe

twisting into the dirt – nothing left

but the stamp of a sole.

He crushed her in one motion,

analytical eyes scanning her figure, slick

tongue dripping his poison – nothing left

but the stamp of a soul.

Friends high-fived him, pulled out

magnifying glasses to burn

off the homeless survivors.

Friends high-fived him, flicked

cigarette buds at her to burn

off the last of her courage.

How can we love each other,

when we are taught

to crush anthills?


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