Pet Peeves

Published Friday, June 29, 2012 by Chasing Neptune

Screeching styrofoam – dry icebergs

grinding against each other, dandruff

flakes falling on the floor.

Illiterate idiots – pushing shopping carts

out of Walmart entrances,

into the exits.

Seatbelt alarms – blaring from Ford Focuses

and binging from Toyota Yarises, the second

the car is in drive.

180-degree conversationalists – I just started a new acne

medication/I have this one huge pimple, Frank’s car

broke down/My car is a piece of crap, Bob just lost

his job/I wish I could quit mine.

White lies – membership dues and rent

are all you have to pay, you could totally pass

for twenty-one, you did all you could

to save him, you have no place

in my future, I miss


*Still quite rough, but I like this topic. It’ll be fun to polish off when I’m not exhausted.


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