Week Nine: Meditation (Forfeit)

Published Monday, May 28, 2012 by Chasing Neptune

I’ve read different “challenge-oriented” blogs, and each of the writers struggled with meditation. However, one of my favorite sites is Raptitude, and its operator (whose experiments are much lengthier and more professional than mine) attempted meditation for a month and made it through — adapting the practice to fit his own needs and learning quite a bit about himself .  Therefore, I decided (perhaps with too much naivety) to follow in his footsteps and conquer my mind. However, I cannot boast much (if any) success.

Goal: Meditate for a period of 15 minutes every day. Each day will encompass a different chakra, in order to give focus to my sessions.

Code: Day – Chakra Name or Purpose/Chakra Location/Chakra Color

Monday – Root/Base of Spine/Red

  1. Noise Distractions – tv downstairs, laptop cooling fan, ceiling fan
  2. Physical Distractions – scalp itch, slumping shoulders, back pain
  3. Thoughts – packing, finals schedule, dinner, blog post
  4. Chakra Visualization – could not concentrate, red pin wheel & light a little
  5. Eyes – open at 10 min & 12 min
  6. Feel – anxious (before), sleepy (during), neutral (after)

I decided to do my meditation in the late afternoon, and I think that was a mistake. I had so much left to do that day, and I could not overcome the feeling that I was “wasting time” when I could have been being productive. Therefore, I decided to move my later meditation sessions to the end of my day.

Tuesday – Creativity/Sex Organs/Orange

  1. Noise Distractions – not really a factor; my dog breathing, ceiling fan
  2. Physical Distractions – cough, itchy skin
  3. Thoughts – not a huge factor; Sociology paper, yoga class, counting
  4. Chakra Visualization – good color visualization (but inconsistent), balloon/flame
  5. Eyes – stayed closed
  6. Feel – tired (before), peaceful (during), accomplished/rested (after)

Day Two was more successful than the first day. I still had trouble visualizing the chakra, but I felt less distracted by my impending “to-do list,” as it was already accomplished. Meditating was a nice way to wash away the day.

Wednesday – Energy/Solar Plexus/Yellow

  1. Noise Distractions– not really a factor; laptop fan
  2. Physical Distractions – cough, slumping of shoulders
  3. Thoughts – counting, want to relearn Spanish, rest of evening, poetry
  4. Chakra Visualization – corkscrew in and out of solar plexus
  5. Eyes – stayed closed
  6. Feel – tired (before), peaceful (during), energized (after)

On the third day, my progress in “tuning-out” noise from my environment and visualizing the chakra improved. However, as I was beginning to get a rather nasty cold, the turmoil within my own body proved rather distracting.

Thursday – Heart/Heart/Green

  1. Noise Distractions – not really a factor; my dog breathing, laptop fan
  2. Physical Distractions– cough, itchy skin, slumping shoulders
  3. Thoughts – poem inspiration (kids/goats), blog idea, summer list, counting
  4. Chakra Visualization – difficult to visualize, Green Lantern suit/energy flow
  5. Eyes – stayed closed
  6. Feel – content (before), anxious to get to bed (during), neutral (after)

The fourth day had mixed success. On one hand, the meditation session allowed my mind the opportunity to roam and be creative. But on the other hand, the feeling that I was wasting time resumed, and as a result, I had problems focusing on my chakra visualization.

Friday – Expression/Throat/Blue

  1. Noise Distractions – not really a factor
  2. Physical Distractions – cough 2x, slumping back
  3. Thoughts – poem inspiration (toddler, laryngitis), MorrisonCon
  4. Chakra Visualization – icy blue, Raven from X-Men’s skin
  5. Eyes – stayed closed
  6. Feel – behind in work/anxious (before), focused/peaceful (during), composed (after)

Day Five really rocked. As you can see from my “Feel” category, meditating helped me to calm down and compose myself in the midst of a tumultuous day. I successfully tuned-out my environment and visualized my chakra. Overall, I think meditation truly helped that day, and I believe that if I would have stuck with it, it would have continued to prove beneficial.

Saturday – Intuition/Third Eye/Indigo – N/A

Sunday – Consciousness/Crown/Purple – N/A

So…if Friday was so fantastic, why did I skip it on Saturday and Sunday? Well, in the grand tradition of college students, I will use the ultimate excuse for all personal failures…it was the beginning of Finals (and I was sick, just sayin’). Honestly, I could have made time on Saturday and Sunday for my meditation sessions. However, by the time the day ended, I was exhausted (mentally and physically), and I decided that the kindest thing for my ailing body and burned out mind was sleep. So I forfeited.

Well, that explains Week Nine. But where was Week 10? And how about Week 11, huh?

Excuse time: Week 10 was the end of Finals. Week 11, I went to Disney World.

So, what now?

Before the end of the Roaring Twenties challenge, I plan to re-visit the meditation challenge, as I found it both enjoyable and potentially beneficial. For now, instead of going Sunday to Saturday, I am going to begin Week 10 as soon as I selected my tenth challenge.

Wish me luck. And hold me accountable.

*For those of you keeping count, I made it through five days of meditation.


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