Who Saw Doves – Revised

Published Sunday, April 29, 2012 by Chasing Neptune

Obviously, this is another revised poem. However, the revisions are not nearly as extensive as the revisions of  Be Careful What You Wish For. For the original version of Who Saw Doves and a description of the “Swampy Cree” style, read this.

This poem “names” my best friend according to what I consider to be her most foolish and most admirable quality. Enjoy!


Who Saw Doves

She came to us from the shore,

pale-skinned with stringy

yellow hair. Vultures smelled sea

salt on her flesh, swooped near

her ears, and crowed,

We love you.

We told her not to believe

them — that they wanted to taste

the ocean fish in her

belly — but she could not hear us

over the beating of feathers.

Laughing, she climbed the oak

and crawled into the nest.

Surrounded by vultures,

she whispered, How lovely

to be a friend of the doves.


Again, please do not be shy. Constructive criticism is welcome!


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