Week Five: “Art”

Published Monday, April 16, 2012 by Chasing Neptune

I use the word “art” theoretically, for fear of attack from artists. You see, I am not an artist in any capacity, but I really wish that I were. I mean, it must be the most empowering feeling in the world — to sit down and put brush or pen to paper, to put the tips of your fingers on strings or piano keys, and have something tangible and beautiful and inspiring come out. I would argue that writing, the craft that chose me, is an art form. However, it typically does not produce the same visual/physical experience that visual art and music can create.

Therefore, I figured…Hey, I’m “creatively inclined,” why not crack open a coloring book for an artistic release? Thus…Week Five: “Art.”

Rule: Create one work of “visual art” each day. This is just for fun — I’ll know it’s not Picasso worthy, but I’ll give myself a break from the pressure from writing and just be ridiculously silly.

Saturday (to compensate for slacking on Week Four’s Music Challenge): One scrapbook item in my Bucket List Scrapbook

You can see in this picture my superb brush work technique and fantastic lettering skills.

Sunday (again, to make up for missing music): My Chemical Romance themed cup cakes

The credit for half of this beautiful craftsmanship goes to my dear friend, Typewriter Moon.

Monday:  I began painting a My Chemical Romance shirt, and also began a jigsaw puzzle about my life for a class, which I finished…

Tuesday: Jigsaw puzzle for class

Just a little background here: The goal of this project was to make a puzzle about yourself, in which you represented characteristics or symbols depicting how you will be a confident, competent, responsible contributor to society. Fifty points to anyone who can figure out how my brain works. My class couldn’t. Hell, I can’t.

Wednesday & Thursday: Coloring book pages

Fun note on Mr. Raptor here — I colored this in the middle of the floor. One of my roommates walked in, asked very bluntly, “What are you doing with that coloring book?” And then, when I replied that I intended to color, said, “Fuck yes you do” and walked out. She’s my kind of person.

While I was coloring Ms. Pony here, a different roommate, as well as a non-roommate walked into the room. Now, let me set this scene for you. Here I am, at my desk, coloring in a pony coloring book and watching “The Secret,” A Dark Horse Motion Comic. Ironic horse references? Yes. However, that is not the point of this caption. My roommate and the other person had no idea how to react to a sorority girl coloring a pony and watching a very creepy cartoon about a serial killer…late at night, by herself, no less. I wish I had the linguistic power to explain their faces, but know that it was a mixture of judgment, confusion, amusement, envy, and terror. I’m still laughing at them. And if either of you read this, know I mean this in the kindest way.

Friday:  Another Bucket List scrapbook page.

Saturday & Sunday: Designing and beginning a new project. I will post results if I am successful.

Results: I loved this week. None of my creations were artistic genius; my Art major roommate would probably laugh my ass off of WordPress for them. However, I derived the most indescribeable sense of satisfaction in taking time to rest my academic brain and just…be. For anyone considering therapy, I highly suggest going out and buying a coloring book instead. Not only will you save butt-loads, yes butt-loads, of money, but something about returning to such a simple, childish task just thrusts your mind right back into Kindergarten, where your biggest problem is the bitch that stole the red purse during dress-up. Seriously people, just take a few minutes each day to let go of exams or work or dieting or bills or relationship drama or perfectionism or whatever-the-hell-else your problem is and just do something creative, just for fun. You’d be surprised at how much better your soul will feel.

Next week: I’m thinking I’m going to take my well-rested brain and figure out what the hell I’m going to do with my life. Or I might go play Powerball so I don’t have to worry about it at all. We’ll see next Monday.


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