Week Three: Vocabulary

Published Monday, April 2, 2012 by Chasing Neptune


There’s really no profound reasoning behind this challenge. I like words. I like knowing words that other people don’t know. I needed an easy challenge, because I forgot to select a new one until Monday evening, and I had already violated several other challenge requirements.


  1. I cannot have heard the words before this week.
  2. Words can either be encountered during the week or Dictionary.com’s Word of the Day.


moschate (adjective) = having a musky smell


Manichaeism (noun) = the belief that God & the Devil have equal power and both have control over the earth


forsooth (adverb) = in fact, indeed


scrofulous (adjective) = morally tainted


bovarism (noun) = an exaggerated, especially glamorized, estimate of one’s self; conceit


eudemonia (noun) = happiness; well-being


pyknic (adjective) = having a rounded build or body structure


  • I learned that the vocabulary in my literature classes is way over my head.
  • I learned that the vocabulary in my literature classes is way over Microsoft Word’s head.
  • I feel kind of bad about this challenge, because A) it was easy and kind of a throw-away and B) it wasn’t something active, so I forgot about it when my days became busy and had to compensate for Friday and Saturday by doing three words on Sunday.
  • However, I did enjoy having a less rigorous routine for the week. It was a nice break.

Week Four:

Again, since I have violated quite a few other challenge guidelines already, I have limited options. Therefore, this week will either be music, honesty, exercise or meditation. 


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