Week One: No Wasted Time

Published Monday, March 19, 2012 by Chasing Neptune

Week One: Monday, March 12, 2012 to Sunday, March 18, 2012

Goal: Do not waste any time. This means that I must find a productive way to spend my downtime. (ie: Don’t spend time uselessly creeping around the internet or vegging out in front of the tv when I could be working on homework, writing, reading, spending time with my family, etc.)

Timing: I decided to do this challenge over my university’s spring break, so that I would have time to devote to whatever I thought would be a productive use of my time. On one hand, I think the timing helped me, as I did not put off anything that I wanted to do for me. On the other hand, without the academic pressure of a normal school week, I put off a lot of the course work I wanted to accomplish over spring break.


As you may or may not be able to see, my Spring Break To-Do List is almost entirely accomplished (save for the rather extensive course work section.) However, I did make it to all of my appointments, do most of the tasks for my sorority, and find time for my fun items.

Monday – I dominated Monday. I cleaned the entire downstairs of our house (4 rooms, 2 bathrooms), washed & unloaded dishes, took a walk with my mom and neighbor, worked, played my video game, and did several little tasks for my sorority. I ended the day feeling exhausted, but accomplished and proud of myself.

Tuesday – This was no Monday, but it was still successful. I finished some work, took another walk, went to an appointment, went shopping, and welcomed a new dog to the family. Overall, more personally successful than academically/Greek-ly.

Wednesday – At first I thought Wednesday was a failure, but I actually kind of rocked. I cleaned my own room and bathroom, worked, worked for my sorority, did homework for one of my courses, and worked on my sorority’s chapter website. The tasks were few, but time-consuming.

Thursday – On the whole, this day could only be productive in a subjective sense. I had a doctor’s appointment, went shopping, played with my new dog, and finally watched Dawn of the Dead (albeit the new one, not the original [which is probably better]). So, not the best use of time. However, I did get a tattoo, which will obviously last forever…and that’s a lot of time.

Friday – Personally, I did not waste any time Friday. I spent the day hanging out with my best friend, working a bit, and figuring out my schedule for Fall Semester. Though, I probably could have done more on the academic front.

Saturday – I finished my work for the weekend, took a walk, filled out an application, and spent time with my family. I felt semi-successful, but the end-of-spring-break-guilt began to sink in that night.

Sunday – I took a nap (waste of time or necessary relaxation?), visited my grandparents, played with my dogs, and did work for my sorority. This morning I failed epically, but tonight I made it up.

Overall Lesson: That which constitutes “wasted time” is entirely subjective. From an academic standpoint, I sucked ass. From a personal standpoint, I had a fantastic week. Overall, I am happy with my success. This challenge helped me to think about what I should do with those hours that I feel like wasting. In short, if I don’t feel like being “technically productive” (ie: writing papers and reading journal articles), I should get off my ass and do something for me. Like I said, these 20 weeks are all about being selfish, and I intend to indulge myself in whatever I want.

Week Two: Excessive complimenting or excessive music acquisition? I’ll have to decide when I wake up later this morning!


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