The Roaring Twenties

Published Sunday, March 11, 2012 by Chasing Neptune

Hello neglected blog, how have you been? Let’s catch up.

I had a birthday today. I turned the big two-oh. Yup, it’s a whole new decade for me now. I’m a year away from being a teenager and another year away from being legally eligible for alcoholism. Most people say that turning 20 isn’t a big deal. You can already drive, vote, and play Powerball – but you can’t buy alcohol, go down to the casino, or rent a car. To counter this, I’ve decided to try and make turning 20 a little more special. How, dear blog? By being incredibly selfish.

Starting this week, I am going to hold another challenge for myself. Now, I know what you must be thinking…that is, those of you who have been bored enough to peruse this blog before. Another challenge? After you just mysteriously stopped doing the last one without even an admittance of failure? (Here it is – I failed, but I didn’t need that challenge. One self-loathing night and twenty days of crazed spiritual cleansing and I felt better than ever). That being said, I was inspired to add my blog to the list of those who undergo week-long challenges and report on their experiences. Check out Raptitude for someone far cooler and more experienced than me…aka the main source of my inspiration.

Do I care if anyone reads this? I mean, it would be cool. I’d like people to see it. But do I really care? No. I’m doing this for me and slapping it on here so it doesn’t take up room in my journal. So here we go…

Each week, for the first 20 weeks of being 20 (That’s five months for those of you who follow semi-closely.), I will be undertaking a week-long challenge that is (almost) entirely selfish. I have the list made, but the order is undetermined. I want to have fun. I want to make myself do things I wish I did more often. I just want to force myself to live a little inside of this academic prison we call college.

Challenges will begin Monday and go through Sunday. I will blog (at least) every Sunday and report on the week.

For my first one, I am thinking either music gathering, no complaining, or no procrastination. I’ve got until I get up in the morning to decide. If anyone happens to catch this and feel so inclined, I’m up for suggestions of any sort. 😉

Until then,



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