Days Eight – Twenty: Quick Catch-Up

Published Saturday, December 17, 2011 by Chasing Neptune

Thanks to finals week and other means of procrastination, I limited my daily “proud” moments to little notes in my planner. I have found that this is enough, and I am proud that I have kept my goal in mind, thus far. I am less than a month into this, and I have already been a hell of a lot more productive than I am normally. Long story short, good stuff happening here.

Eight – Charity contribution

Nine – Know where you came from (Kids of the 90s and Pop-Up video)

Ten – Make the glass half-full

Eleven – (Almost) spontaneous Halestorm concert, guts to meet rockstars

Twelve – Buckling down and taking care of the important things

Thirteen – Family time

Fourteen – A second car

Fifteen – Embodying an idol

Sixteen – Plan for the future and have faith in it

Seventeen – Value travelling

Eighteen – Connection with Grandma

Nineteen – Mama to my “little brother”

Twenty – Continue family cookie recipe


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