Day Three: Local Music

Published Thursday, December 1, 2011 by Chasing Neptune

Roughly eight months ago, four brave young women drove four hours across the wastelands of the Midwest to see a fantastic band (and by fantastic, I mean probably the best band on this entire planet). While I never thought I would type this: this band is not important at the moment, what is important is that band’s opener. The opening act was a band called the Architects^, a little-known rock band out of KCMO, with all the glamour of classic rock, twangy notes of that drip Midwest through the air, and all around kick-assery that one never expects out of an opener. Needless to say, this band caught our attention. The picture below is from their album release show at the Record Bar, and I think it is a great testament to the heart and energy they put into performing live.

beezebub has a devil put aside for meeeeeeeee....    THE ARCHITECTS

Long story short, I saw them again this summer, with one of those same girls from the other show. I now have three of their albums on my iPod, two of which are in my car. As I was driving home today, and of course, listening to the Architects, I got to thinking about the KC music scene. Compared to the East and West coasts, our music scene here is limited, but let me tell you – it’s not entirely non-existent. I picked up Vice, the album playing, and searched the cover for the record label. (And of course, I do not recommend that others follow this foolery whilst driving…on gravel.) After a quick search, I found Anodyne Records.*

On their website, they provide a list of the bands on their label, and I decided to check out a few and see what the others are like. After finding the first band I clicked on to be okay, I thought I would try a second. I picked the second for their name, and when I saw the description, I was admittedly a little apprehensive. Anodyne describes the band as a mix between math-rock and dance pop, which sounded like a horrifyingly morbid clash to me. However, after listening to a few songs, I am thoroughly intrigued.

The band is named Roman Numerals**, and from what I can tell, Anodyne is right. They are 24% pop(ish) (in the upbeat, dance-able sense), 26% indie-rock, and 50% just plain wonderful to listen to. Their music is blunt and catchy, and right when you think that it’s going to be exactly what you’ve heard before, it grabs you by the throat and throws you across the room. (Now of course, all of this is my opinion. Feel free to check them out and contradict me, if you feel the need.) Unfortunately, the band is on a hiatus at the moment. However, the most recent post on their website ends with a “see you next year,” so hopefully, they will be back soon.

Another interesting fact for those of you who actually know anything about music in the KC area: In 2005, two of Roman Numerals founding members, Steve Tulipana and Shawn Sherrill opened the Record Bar^^. In case you don’t know, the Record Bar is a venue in Westport (KCMO), and it is probably the best place to explore the local rock scene — it’s where I saw the Architects for the second time.

If you are capable of hearing, have good taste, and/or are from the KC area, I  highly suggest you check out the following:

^The Architects –

*Anodyne Records –

**Roman Numerals – OR check out

^^The Record Bar –


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