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Swampy Cree Style Poem

Published Wednesday, November 23, 2011 by Chasing Neptune

This poem is written in the style of the Swampy Cree Indians, as demonstrated in Howard Norton’s book, Wishing Bone Cycle: Narrative Poems of the Swampy Cree Indians. More information can be found here: This particular poem is about someone very dear to me. Enjoy!

Who Saw Doves

She came to us from the shore,

pale-skinned with stringy

yellow hair.

Vultures smelled sea salt

on her flesh, swooped near her

ears, and crowed, We love


We told her not to believe

them — that they wanted to taste

the ocean fish in her

belly — but she could not hear

us over the beating

of feathers.

Laughing, she climbed the oak

tree and crawled into the nest.

Surrounded by vultures, she whispered,

How lovely to be a friend

of the doves.

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