Breast Cancer (An Infinitive Verb Poem)

Published Thursday, September 29, 2011 by Chasing Neptune

Breast Cancer

 To touch, to feel, to squeeze, to pinch, to prod,

            To poke, to probe, to dissect, to detect, to examine,

                                  To expose.

To refuse, to refute, to rant, to rave, to roar, to rampage,

            To pierce, to slice, to cleave, to carve, to hack,

                                  To amputate.

To pale, to whiten, to weaken,

            To grieve, to plea, to pray,

                                  To survive.

*It’s not quite October yet, but I know this subject has been on many minds lately. To the women in my life who are survivors – just know that I am incredibly proud of you, and I admire your strength and positivity. I hope that if I am ever faced with such a challenge, I can handle it with the same amount of dignity and grace that you all have. I love you.


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