In Honor of my Daddy

Published Tuesday, June 21, 2011 by Chasing Neptune

The following is a poem that I wrote my dad, and since Father’s Day was Sunday, I believe it is appropriate for this week.

What He Could Do

Slaughter zombies

with a triple barrel shotgun.

Memorize secret passageways from

Super Mario Brothers. Unravel

riddles in Tomb Raider.


Assemble ATV snorkels

from scraps of PVC pipes. Narrate

NASCAR races better than

Darrell Waltrip. Make a dog


Threaten potential boyfriends (Boy,

I’m not afraid to go back to

prison). Be my moral compass

or partner in crime. Break

horses. Build houses. Throw

Frisbees past the evergreens.


*With apologies to Elizabeth Holmes


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