Poetry Experiments

Published Thursday, February 24, 2011 by Chasing Neptune

This semester, I’ve been lucky enough to take my first offical Creative Writing class, Poetry Writing I with the fabulous Marti Mihalyi. Thus far, we have not done a lot of composing – 2 sound poems and 2 copy changes. However, just being in this class, journaling, and reading the Poetry Home Repair Manual by Ted Kooser (which I suggest every writer check out) have really helped me to think creatively again and view the world through a more vivid lens. As a matter of fact, I did just this in Spanish class today. My professor asked us to do a free writing exercise in which we were supposed to describe how citizens of Earth would feel if the martians attacked. The point was to compare this feeling with what the Aztecs experienced when Spain conquered them. I think my interpretation was quite interesting:

Poema para los aztecas.

Mira a estas personas,

llevan ropa extraña;

hablan palabras misteriosas.

Llegan gritando y con armas,

sin una fuerza para la paz,

sus pistolas sin control.

Matan nuestras madres, nuestras niños.

Roban nuestra cultura, nuestra alma.

Yo lloré y yo escondí,

pero ya me encontraron.

No hay ninguna esperanza.

Ellos robarán todo.

English Version – extensive vocabulary, different format

Look at these strangers,

clad in odd fabrics,

speaking in secret tongues.

They arrive shouting and shooting,

barely a pretense of peace,

their rayguns blasting holes

in buildings

in people

in our culture.

I cried. I hid,

but still they found me.

There is no hope.

They will take everything.

They will steal our soul.


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