10 Confessions about the Girl I Am

Published Sunday, February 20, 2011 by Chasing Neptune

I have not posted in a while. There is really no excuse. I could say that I have no free time due to college, but considering the amount of procrastination that I undergo, that is not a valid excuse. I need to re-commit myself to some form of writing, lest I go insane. Therefore, I am going to begin to make it up to myself. How? By putting something extremely personal on the Internet for the world to see. Although, considering the number of hits this blog gets, I’m not that concerned about it. 🙂 But I have promised myself that I will not slap it up on Facebook for all of my “sort of” friends to find. Besides, the important ones that read this probably know these anyway.

So here it is. 10 Confessions about the me of the present.

  1. I am conceited enough to want everyone to know my accomplishments, but I don’t want anyone to talk about them, just know.
  2. I have issues with my grandmother because of her husband and her willingness to put up with him, and I’m worried that I’ll be like that one day.
  3. If I could be a “Merch Girl” for a rockband and spend my life touring the world and listening to music (no pressure, no stress, no bullshit), I would be utterly content.
  4. I’m not going to settle for another mediocre guy. I believe I deserve better. That being said, my standards have escalated, leaving me with the conviction that I will die alone.
  5. I judge people based on how intelligent they sound and the interests they hold.
  6. I truly believe that in another life, he and I were soulmates. I just wish it would have been true for this life, too.
  7. I put so much pressure on myself to succeed and hold myself to ridiculously high standards.
  8. I worry that my “emo days” are more serious than I let myself believe.
  9. I have high standards for the woman that I want to become. I want to be someone I can look up to; someone ecclectic and cool, successful, passionate, and unafraid – someone that I would want to write about. Someone I think my idols would want to hang out with.
  10. There are things, like writing a novel, that I feel a passionate desire to do. These are the things that I feel I will never accomplish.

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