A Brief Introduction

Published Wednesday, November 24, 2010 by Chasing Neptune

Welcome to the trash dump where I, like a million other people on the Internet, intend to dump my thoughts and random musings onto the  unsuspecting world who, in all honesty,  doesn’t give a rat’s ass.

This is not only a place for satirical rantings and healthy doses of humorous common sense for passerbys, but a site for me to let my thoughts flood out and my mind to be creative now and again.

Will I actually stick with this? If my brief attempts at blogging on other sites is to be any indication, no I will not. But hey, let’s give it the old college try, shall we? After all, what’s college for?

My inspirations for adding my voice to the thousands already screaming for attention on the Internet are this:

I need to make writing of any sort a habit, if I actually want to make it into author-hood one day.

And the fact that You only live forever in the lights you make. A lyric from “The Kids From Yesterday” by My Chemical Romance.

So let’s just see what happens, shall we?


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